Thursday, January 3, 2008

January 3rd. Low Water. 16.30.

Tide on the turn at 16.45. Birds as expected. 2 or 3 whimbrels, 3 or 4 grey plovers, 2 or 3 egrets. The greenshank that has taken up residence this winter was out feeding in the pools. No sign of small ?sandpipers of some kind I couldn't identify yesterday, but usual scads of Kentish Plovers and Little Ringed plovers, some feeding, most just sitting on the rock the way they do, waiting. A lone turnstone was ferretting on the rocks. The usual gang of terns was on the rocks farthest out. That was much as expected for low water here. The best time is when the tide's on its way out.

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Julielux said...

Hello - I am sorry but I could not post on your Granny P blog, however I wanted to write... I have just read Charlotte Sometimes after recommending it to my daughter at our library. I chose it based on, you guessed it, the Cure song - I am a long term fan and have read with absolute interest your piece about meeting Robert and going to their concert. The book was incredible and it was strange and wonderful to be able to identify sentences from the song. You probably know but they also loosely quoted from your story for their song 'The Empty World' Only just realised after reading Charlotte Sometimes. Just felt I had to write, in praise of your writing and of making these discoveries years after listening to the son. Keep writing!